The Keepsake Collection

Is the jewellery made of real silver?

Each piece is made from 99.9% fine silver and is created to a high standard.  All of our findings including chains and bracelets are made from sterling silver.

Is there an age limit for the prints that can be used?

No, definitely not!  There is no age limit for taking prints and we are often asked to create piece using the prints of both adults and children.  We can even use pet prints!

I’ve made a mistake when taking my prints/mould, what can I do?

Please contact us at info@thebeautifulgiftcompany.co.uk. We will be happy to send you out a replacement kit at a cost of £5.

Can I use prints that I already have?

Yes, we can definitely use any prints that you may have already.  We would just need to check the quality of the print to ensure that we can work with it, but in most cases it isn’t a problem.  The amount of detail captured on the print may not match that of those taken using our print kit.  But will still be able to make a lovely piece.

How many prints can I have on a charm?

For Hand & Footprints small sized charms – hold one print and one name on the front. Medium sized pendants – can hold up to two prints and two names on the front. Large sized pendants – can hold up to three prints and three names on the front. Please note that the listings for medium and large pendants ONLY include one print and one name in the price. If you’d like an additional print on the front you will need to add this to your order by selecting ‘additional print’ in the chains, bracelets & extras section of the website. One print and one name is priced at £10. Please note the more you add the smaller the detail will be.

What is the thickness of your charms / pendants?

Our single sided charms are approx 2mm thick.

Do I have to have a name on the front of my jewellery?

No, although each print includes a name, this is optional.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Because each piece is made entirely by hand the lead time is up to 28 days from us receiving your prints.

Can I re-order using prints that I’ve sent you before?

Yes, that’s absolutely fine.  We keep copies of all prints on file and we would just need you to send us details of your previous order so that we can trace your prints.

Will the jewellery be hallmarked?

Hallmarking isn’t required for pieces weighing under 7.78 grams.  Because of this any pieces weighing under the required weight will not be hallmarked.


Shrieking Violet Collection

Are the flowers real?

Yes! The flowers are real. Either whole tiny flowers or parts of flowers.

How are the flowers so small?

Miniature flower varieties are used. Some of the flowers look like their larger siblings eg sunflower, poppy but are actually a different species.

How should I store my jewellery?

When not wearing the jewellery we recommend storing the jewellery in a cool dark place such as a drawer or jewellery box.

Is the jewellery waterproof?

Contact with water should not cause damage to your jewellery however we recommend removing your jewellery before bathing, washing dishes etc. Should your jewellery come in to contact with water use a dry cloth/towel to gently pat dry.

Will the flowers fade?

Some of the flowers may slowly fade in colour over time, especially if exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods

I have an allergy. Is your jewellery safe?

Shrieking Violet® jewellery is sterling silver 925. If you have very sensitive skin then even sterling silver could cause a reaction.